Saturday, September 02, 2006


First a link to horoscopes for writers I just found - perfect for those empty days when waiting just gets too much:

'Here you'll find astrological insights on the best times to court your muse or to sign contracts, to start your book or revise it, to go on tour or postpone it. You'll be able to plan for the times your creative flow may be blocked or when that flow is racing so fast there's hardly time to sleep. You'll discover the most propitious times in a given month to negotiate with agents and editors or with your clients'

August was quiet month for writing and feedback.

My soon-to-be-married sister will shortly be moving to Clungunford which I tried to find on Google Earth but apparently it doesn't exist. Another reason I now need to increase my script income rapidly is to pay for plane tickets to wedding. And on most airlines it's full or two thirds fare even for my four year old (who told me today that her best friend had asparagus in her lunch box. Now what kind of mother puts asparagus in her daughter's lunch box?) Plus there's 'no hand luggage' to think about.

This afternoon the hub (who has been having a few twinges in the chest lately) went off to have himself checked out. First the student doctor said he had 'an enlarged heart' - (which a quick search on the www will indicate is pretty serious) But then the senior doctor said he was perfectly fine. Relieved? Not quite.
Who would you dis/believe?

About a week ago I set up an email filter to alert me via mobile to certain 'work' emails. And today it worked for the first time! Peep peep. Woohee - I rushed home to open a photograph of a rather dark hall suggested for a shooting location. Hmm will have to re-filter the filter methinks.

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