Wednesday, October 25, 2006


18th October

Not updated for a while and what a horror of a day eh? what a horror (as they say in Leeds, God bless 'em) of a day- which thankfully is over and I can still laugh. About 'the children series' - which up to this point I can say I've been really enjoying...

Up til today..

Then 'the meeting happened'. I behaved quite well. Took notes, nodded and mm and ha-ed sporadically to all suggestions, criticisms, advice - worldly and unworldly, I didn't object very often and when I did not too vociferously....

I'm growing up. Learning.

You can't invest emotionally in everything you do. Some of it is just a pay cheque. Give them what they want. Get it done.

Save that space.

'We saw it go.
A blue bird'

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