Monday, November 13, 2006


I've been contemplating 'fear of the pitch'. Not the pitch meeting where it's just you and the other person - that can be nerve wracking - but at least it's fairly private. I'm talking about the public 'open forum' type of pitch or these events - where one or two (lucky?) writers are pre-selected to pitch projects to an illustrious panel before a large and merciless audience...

And wondered whether argentum nitricum* would be any good...? Long ago in London, I kept a tiny bottle of these homeopathic tablets* - in my handbag - just in case. Someone (on the radio) recommended them for 'fear of flying' - among other things. Then, once upon a late-night drunken tube journey home, I took them out and offered them to fellow passengers explaining that they helped to relieve 'fear of the future'. The little white pills were quickly gobbled up. A man seated opposite demanded several - on the grounds that he was from Eastern Europe.

I wonder whether commuters would be quite so receptive nowadays......


Picture: 'Fear' by Dumile Feni

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