Friday, December 08, 2006

Blogs and bean counters

I've tried to avoid getting obsessed by this whole blog thing and tags and side bars and exploring the why fors of the Beta and bean counters and even video blogging (!) But sitting in front of a computer for most of the day - it's hard to avoid peeking and tweaking and refining. A bit like gardening I suspect.

Yesterday I uploaded a free counter I found somewhere, but it appeared to be going backwards (maybe I was bouncing people away from my site?) Anyway the design didn't match my layout. So I took it off but I think it is still buried out there - busily counting. No doubt someone will illuminate me on its whereabouts.

In case anyone is interested, what I'd like to see on the Beta is some kind of IM (Instant Message) tie-in with the comments for the occasional real-time chit chat with scriptwriters across the globe. Hmm..

Well this month, I'm taking a cue from
TM MacGregor's horoscopes for writers (Aries) 'So many planets are stacked in your favor that it’s the ideal time for submitting manuscripts, finding an agent or editor, or for expanding your readership overseas. Your inbox fills up, your phone rings constantly...'
Can't wait.

BTW promised post - coming soon.


Anonymous said...

Apparently this month I'm going to write "with beautiful ease". Excellent!

Far away said...

Howdy OR - funny these beans reminded me of your cakes!

Anonymous said...

Funny, the pic of the beans didn't show up the first time I read this. It reminds me of my favourite dish at a local Nepalese restaurant. Can't for the life of me spell (or pronounce) what it's called but it's a yummy creamy curry with beans and pulses. Thinking about it is making me hungry now....