Thursday, January 25, 2007


The course is going well despite taking up a massive chunk (all?) of my writing time each day. This is 'accelerated learning' and there's a constant switch of tempo and activities. Won't be able to gauge how much I've retained until afterwards I suppose.

Once upon a long time ago, I studied Italian in Leeds. There was a linguistics lecturer who - at the start of the lesson - hit the desk with a tuning fork, then waited until the reverb completely died away before he started speaking. Hmm I dropped out after one year and went to art college which was a whole lot more fun.

The fascinating bit of this course is seeing how everyone starts to speak a new tongue in precisely the same manner as they would their own - very hard to 'shake off' the self. There's a fair amount of acting needed to learn a language methinks.

Anyway will be posting the regular round up of local and international script and film opportunities and reminders soon.


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