Friday, August 24, 2007


- well finally finished the monologue which rambled on for a whopping 26 pages in the end. Don't think I've ever done so much preamble before starting scripting but it has really helped focus the story. Now I'll move on to a one pager - mapping out the acts and key turning points - then finally on to the script.

I did up Lianne's meme but I've taken it down now.

In other news, I've been chasing up my plaque and euros. The latest from the accounts department in Lagos is that the euros are on the way to them (from Italy) before they send them on to me (by which time they may well be worthless)



Elinor said...

Hi Far Away, I agree about the monologue approach. Lianne tagged me too. Damned if I can think of any songs, though. Is your daughter feeling better? I've had my son out of action for 6 weeks with a dodgy knee.

Far away said...

Hi Elinor,

Yes the songs are a bit hard - think mine are going to show my age..

Well hope you son's knee is soon better.
My daughter is back at school now ta.