Friday, December 07, 2007

video messaging

So I noticed the other day ( just before LAN went down) that there is a little 'create video' icon in the menu bar of my inbox. Probably always been there but I've just never clicked on it - well I found that when I do, it triggers my webcam and I can send email video messages - just like that! So of course I've been sending them here, there and everywhere, one to my sister on Wednesday wishing her a happy birthday. This week, I was making a promo and I booked the edit via video message.

Then, getting bolder, I did a video pitch of my latest script and emailed it in to drama at the local broadcaster. The same day, I received a reply directing me to the film portfolio.

So it seems to work. Perhaps - in a sea of correspondence - the recipient welcome a real person popping up in their inbox - who knows? Maybe it is also the shock value. Anyway I say give it a go....

Today I might even try the bank manager..



Elinor said...

Wow! I salute your boldness FA. How long was your pitch? Did you use props? I watched some videos of visual pitches and thought the best was a conversational and amusing one and the worst was where the pitcher read from notes that shook in his hand!

Far Away said...

Hi Elinor! I wouldn't really describe it as a visual pitch and the webcam cuts out after 30 secs - which adds intensity to it. I just babbled into cam (after a quick practise) "Hello, this is faraway and I have this fab* new script which I'd like you to read. It's the story of blah blah... so please get in touch if you'd like to receive a copy" ha

* not the word I used!

potdoll said...


And well done on the pitch!