Thursday, September 27, 2007

beads & beats

Ok so now writing work is piling up on the sidelines while I crack on with the current script. Act one is in the bag. The 'layered time' stuff was rather like threading a multi-coloured beaded necklace, stringing in one colour and then another. Then I trimmed all the VO right back. So that's done.

I've beat sheeted the next two Acts which now should be fairly straight forward to write (ahem).

Looking ahead I can foresee a problem with the ending. I know some folk think you shouldn't bother starting a script without knowing the ending but I tend to be of the opposite opinion - better to travel hopefully than arrive - allow the story to find its conclusion. But maybe that's waffle.

The problem I have with this script is how to end a story based on 'real' events. I think I may have to insert a hefty dose of fiction to tie it all up. Hmmm.



potdoll said...

if you don't know your ending do you know your final climax?

far away said...

There's a massive life-changing historical event towards the end of Act 2 which turns everything around...

Then a climactic court case which turns things around again..

but *sigh* real life is not a plot

Anna said...

"better to travel hopefully then arrive" - I love it! Words to live by.

As for real life not being a plot - that's definitely tricky to finesse. Best of luck.

far away said...

Thanks Anna