Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Pages, pages how many do you write? Of course it depends whether you are working part-time or writing full-time or not. I read somewhere recently that 5 pages a day is reckoned to be a reasonable writing count (for a full time writer). That does seem very doable. At that daily rate you can churn out a feature script in just over 3 weeks.
In the past I've tended more towards manic writing bursts - where I literally write upwards of 20 pages in one day, rather than make steady progress . Usually when I write loads, it is because I've had plenty of time to think through the entire story. Also some stories are more straight forward than others - more easily told.
On the current project, I'm happy doing anything between 0 and 5 pages a day. Yes O pages of writing sometimes(!) But on the 0 days, I'll be planning out what's next and making all kinds of notes. This 'multi-layered time' thing requires pieces of story information to be revealed stealthily - so it has to minutely planned.

Hmm pages, pages - what about you?


Elinor said...

Interesting question. I seem to average 7 pages of script or 1500 words of prose a day. Notes I make all the time and I've started dreaming in three acts. I really must get out more. Seriously though, I had a break for two weeks from any writing at all. Big mistake! It took ages to get back in the habit. That will teach me to get out more.

Oli said...

Still working full time, and moving house, so there are a lot of '0' days.

When I sit down to write, 5-10 is average, with 18 being my record. I did another 15 on that script the following day, and it's sat in the corner looking lonely and unfinished at 33 pages ever since. So the burst of activity is not necessarily to be encouraged.

When I'm properly sitting down to write a script, I'll write as much as I can on the first day, then try and keep that number up 3 days a week until its done, with weekends considered bonus time.

far away said...

That seems a good average Elinor. Getting out can be a mistake though...

Hi Oli!
Yes I kind of do that first day thing too.

potdoll said...

Hello you've been busy! I write between 5 and 8 pages and any more I've discovered comes out like horse shit.

So you're coming to Brum! Does that mean you'll have time to meet Bloggy folk?

Far away said...

Welcome back Potters!

Ooh I'd love to meet bloggy folk! - when I know what i'm doing

potdoll said...