Monday, November 05, 2007

good, bad and the ugly

Just received another helping of feedback on my script - which this time was apposite, thorough, practical and constructive. It articulated issues which I hadn't been able to put my finger on as well as confirmed that I'm on the right track and was right to follow my instincts. So for now I'm going to do another print off, work out the 'through story' properly and then tackle the last revision.

Getting a critique is a bit like taking a child to the doctor when you don't really know what's wrong with them. Amputation is unlikely to be the best answer.



potdoll said...

Hi FA,

do you wait for all of your feedback and then decide what you agree with?

Or do you get one feedback, do some revisions, then pass to another reader?

far away said...

I'm very impatient Pot, but I've learned to wait. I like to compare and contrast - but some feedback takes forever to arrive.
Now I'm going to get stuck in, even though there's one more to come.

potdoll said...

Right. thanks. I was just being nosey. Good luck with it!