Sunday, November 11, 2007

this and that

A meandering post, this one. The script is now re-written, polished, tweaked, combed and edited as thoroughly as I can manage and ready for the off sometime this week.

I've been considering whether to overhaul the blog - either that or link to a web page of professional stuff etc - something fairly low maintenance. Maybe I'll first put up more information in my profile and then make the transition bit by bit. Any ideas?

The other day I went to the dinner launch of the Parliamentary Film Festival. Before we ate, they showed a fascinating 2 hour-long documentary by Egyptian filmmaker
Jihan El Tahri - Cuba An African Odyssey which first I thought was going to be a bit heavy, but ended up being riveted by the tragicomic story of Che Guevara's military campaign in the Congo and his numerous disguises. Being more drawn to fiction than documentary, I thought this whole little known segment of Che's story would make a brilliant movie in itself. Anyway the fish was delicious and some twist of fate found me seated at the same table as the prodco whose job I'd stepped off - earlier this year. Bygones perhaps..?
Last thing I want to ruminate on today is contracts. The big jazz one hasn't yet arrived which means other plans have to be postponed. However, the contracts for the next two scripts have - but major issues still need to be resolved. Hmmm. Sometimes I prefer to work on an ad hoc basis - than be tied into difficulties very early on.
Let's see.


potdoll said...

Ooh are you 'coming out' FA?

As a reader of your blog I would prefer you kept this blog personal and casual and linked to a more professional one. But that's just my preference. Other readers may disagree.

Far away said...

Ta Pot I think you're right.

I suppose I could even have one anonymous blog and one professional one....

Elinor said...

FA - no, don't leave us! Link to a professional site like Pots said.

I enjoyed reading that about Che Guevara. he suffers from mythologising in my view.

far away said...

Hi Elinor,
Yes he does seem to have been turned into a bit of a brand. This doc had some bizarre footage of him in disguise in the Congo..

and no I'm not leaving - just contemplating change!