Monday, May 05, 2008


Spoilers: banal post ahead

Not a post about writing or progress but about the pond in the garden getting a bit overgrown. This is what it looked like yesterday morning.

The size of a plunge pool, don't know whether it ever had koi carp in it but I doubt it - it's a bit leaky and when the rains come (anytime soon) it can fill right up to the top. In fact once when it became a little too swampy, the neighbour at the back came round and accused us of breeding mosquitoes (as though anyone actually breeds mosquitoes - although perhaps Pandora did - after she opened the box) Same neighbour called in the environmental health whose advice was to pour in some paraffin - which didn't seem very eco-friendly, but perhaps it worked and anyway a couple of days later, the water all drained away.

So there you have it - a pond or rather a big stone-lined hole in the garden - that probably has imperfect feng shui. Mountain above water is that supposed to be a good hexagram? Wonder whether there's one for mountain above grassy pond...

Yesterday's page count:9 (including title page)

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Elinor said...

Perhaps your neighbour meant for you to set the pool alight thus eradicating the mozzies?