Tuesday, May 20, 2008

ships that pass in the night

Heartening to see (and a reminder of the need to persevere) is the tremendous critical response to Terence Davies' latest film Of Time and the City. I've long been a fan of his work. Here in another interview from 2 years back - is Davies' damning and passionate assessment of the UK film industry. Interesting to note that much of what he says chimes with what is being articulated elsewhere lately - the need for spiky, original and 'difficult' voices and narratives to be returned to British cinema and television.
Perhaps change is in the air..

In other news: I'm still making headway on the current script - (even better news they just agreed to give me more money - yee haa!) - despite the various shortcomings of the online stuff (I'm now loath to mention any scriptwriting tool by name on the blog now - since it sparks a mass of visits from developers.) Why don't they just put all the functionality of word into an online system - or better still - why not have writers just type in a few key words and let the programme write the script instead?

Locally, the state of affairs at the SABC continues to baffle with yesterday's news that the CEO has now been reinstated after his suspension was ruled unlawful. Watch this space.

And finally an opportunity: Migr@Tions International have put an international call out for short films about immigration. Full details are available by clicking here.

So there you go - bits and pieces today. And where are you by the way?


Artsentral said...

Keep up the good work!

potdoll said...

great you got more money!

Far Away said...

Yes - like Helen said -maybe our blogs are wishing wells after all...

So I'm posting my next wish now: Please fund my film asap. Ta ;-)

potdoll said...

... and mine too dear wishing well ;)

Far Away said...

ok, to be more specific dear wishing well, please fund the script I really want to make. Ta for what you've done so far ;)