Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Sometimes you just want to post utter carp full of typos because life's too short for spellcheck.
So then the dentist. This new one is a fan of the '45 degree reverse upturn' - where patients lie down, get tilted horizontal on the chair, then swivelled feet upwards so all the blood rushes to the head. Maybe it's good feng shui to lie like that - during consultation - but certainly doesn't feel like it. I was windmilled for a whole hour for 2 fillings. 1 miscellaneous root extraction + polish.

Was going to post something about the latest goings on with local broadcaster SABC but things seem to be such a right hayms I can't keep up. Let's hope it all settles down soon..

Current mood: say cheese. Page count: zippo


Anna said...

"Life's too short for spell check"

Love it! A motto to start my day with. A guiding philosophy, as it were!

potdoll said...

not surprised your page count is zippo after a two hour trip to the swivel dentist!

Far Away said...

Hi there Anna - yes my motto too!

Indeed Pot...