Friday, July 25, 2008


Hello blog! There's nothing quite like being back, sitting down at your own desk is there? My head is still full of French phonetics after watching The Diving Bell and the Butterfly on the plane from Frankfurt. Really enjoyed it - moreso after having attended the Harwood talk at Cheltenham.

After the unexpected additional costs* (fine + another plane ticket) incurred by my trip, I returned to find the taxman has given me a rebate that precisely matches the overspend*. Karmic accountancy - what's that about then?

Anyway back to work. Must start rewrites and finish off stuff and read and go to the cinema and be nice to the dog. Lots going on and all tinglingly exciting. I think.



Helen Smith said...

Karmic accountancy - what a wonderful concept!

potdoll said...

I knew Helen would be a fan of that.

Welcome back to blogland FA.

Far Away said...

Ta both.

I'm so glad to be back in blogland too.

You know it rains most of the time in the real world?

potdoll said...

I heard that too.