Monday, July 07, 2008


wooo and what a whirl is July so far. Firstly a threat of incarceration prior to flying out of Cape Town (odd circumstances which I absolutely can not go into here) but something I still have to sort out pronto...

But the Screenwriters Festival* was a delight (as everyone has blogged elsewhere) - the highlight of my 3 days in Cheltenham was the Ronald Harwood interview. Met lots of lovely peeps - although my time was topped and tailed by the commute from Smethwick meaning that I mainly missed the early sessions and, come evening, didn't get to hang around much at all..

Since then have been catching up with family in leafy counties & scratting around in boxes stowed in garages for mouldy belongings and pieces of art (found some! ). Still have to meet up with others including not-yet-met facebook half-brother and old, old friends. Yes.

Laters peeps.

*can't seem to do links (or much else) on this mac

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