Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fat 100

Yes the 100th blog post today! Wooee!

Give yourself a pat on the back,
pat on the back,
pat on the back,
give yourself a pat on the back

100 posts today
far away!

Seems to be that quiet time of year when script somebodies are not at their desk or they're at Cannes or not at Cannes or on their way or pretending to be.

Now is probably a good time to take stock of what's happened so far this year. I've submitted scripts and synopses left, right and centre that I've yet to hear about. I did a crash course in Xhosa (although far from fluent, I did gain an 'overview'.) I stepped off a lucrative scriptwriting job (for jolly good reason) and won 2nd prize in a script competition that no one has ever heard of. I had 2 rejections from Beeb drama that were so fabulously positive they could be mistaken for acceptances - almost (ha!). I wrote and submitted a short I haven't heard about yet, reworked a feature drama into a radio play for a comp and found a UK producer for another feature drama submission. Also did plenty of honing, tweaking, refining and re-writing and am now working on these jazz stories. Plus an SA producer is in Cannes with my 'hot' project - let's see.

Distant shores beckon perhaps.

(any other Shiny Show fans out there?)


Pillock said...

Not bad, FA.

Anna said...

Geeeeez! I suddenly feel TOTALLY unproductive! My God, woman! I'm impressed. Successful or not (yet!) you put yourself out there - way to go, as we americans say. If you ever feel the urge to write for the stage let me know!

Far away said...

Thanks Anna I will!

potdoll said...

You're doing us proud FA! How did your radio play go in the end? I hadn't realised you'd finished it!

far away said...

Hi Pots -yep it had a deadline to meet.

It was challenging story-working-it-out-wise but I think (hope) it improved - whether it ends up film or radio - if that makes sense.
Some of the changes I made I'd also apply to the film script redraft now.
But that can wait!

potdoll said...

sounds great!