Thursday, May 10, 2007


Not too much to report - still awaiting various outcomes from here and there and this and that. One local organisation was pleasant enough to email back and say that their hold up was due to 'language issues.'

Am a bit annoyed that a DVD I posted to a producer in the UK on 28th April did not arrive in time to be included with another submission. Agggh - probably all my fault - should've sent it speed post or courier but it would have been a whopping R497 (nearly 50 quid) Anyway - cross fingers that they'll accept it late.

For those who may be interested, I'm writing up a series of interviews with some of South Africa's jazz legends - which I think I might post here (after they've been published).

98th post - getting there slowly - hope to find something exciting for that all important 100th!



Pillock said...

Good luck with all that.

Jazz legends sounds cool. I saw a West End musical a while back--dad of one of my pupils musical director and invited me along on a Monday night. It was all about a Cape Town band. The music was great--love to learn more about SA music.

Far away said...

Thanks P!

Was that Ghoema you saw then or something else?

Pillock said...

Something else. I'll have a bit of a google and see if I can dig out the name, which escapes me now. It was a good ten or twelve years ago.

far away said...

oh didn't know you meant 'way back' ha!

I might have seen it whatever it was..

Pillock said...

Kat and the Kings. A man working as a streetcorner shoe-shiner remembers his glory days as a singer with a band in District 6.

far away said...

Oh Kat and the Kings- oh yes I remember that!