Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I'm in the odd position of having two (hotting up) feature scripts that both have the same noun in the title. For karmic blog purposes, let's suppose this word* is 'rabbit'. (N.B. There are no rabbits in either script) So let's say one script is called Blue rabbit and the other one is called Rabbit and me. Whereas Blue Rabbit is about a self-styled rabbit who is not really a rabbit at all but exhibits the airs and graces of a rabbit, Rabbit and me is a slice of life, biographical story of a real live rabbit. Still reading? I'm just hoping I won't start confusing them in emails etc. *This same word features in the title of a major US TV series so clearly is in the ether at the moment.

Maybe my repertoire of titles is drying up. I hope not. Each title was right for that script. I always think that the title is often the key to writing the script and works best when it sums up the essence of the story. Most of the time I can't start writing until the title is there. Recently I changed a title - (even though the script came 2nd somewhere.) There was a naff word in the title that I was never happy with - but as I hadn't managed to come up with anything better - it stayed. However when I reworked the story into a radio play, the emphasis changed and suddenly a gloriously simple and apposite title appeared. Perfect.

Anyway titles or rabbits - what do you think?


Pillock said...

I love titles. I wish you didn't have that karmic thingy going. I want to know what rabbit represents.

Far away said...

Hi P I'll email you

Mike M said...

Great blog!! Nice to meet a fellow writer. So what kinds of scripts for you write (film, TV, play, etc.)?

potdoll said...

I reckon if you like the titles, keep them. People will have a diffent perception of them anyway if they're different genres, won't they?

It wouldn't bother me.

far away said...

see P you were right anyway.

Hello Mike M! - I write film/TV scripts. Seems like you've said hello to everyone now.

Potto that's true.

After all George Foreman called all his kids George ..