Monday, February 26, 2007

Scripts (and rats)

If in doubt talk it over with mum - ha! My mum is a children's author (and poet) so very cool to discuss work 'issues' with.

Let's go back to the beginning. A while back there was a brief - for an intriguing children's TV (storytelling series). I wrote up a proposal for a prodco - it got commissioned. I scripted and then directed it. Some bits were great, a few bits weren't. It gets re-commissioned - is that not affirmation? I receive an email from the prodco making an offer (for directing and scripting.) I say yes to both. In between I complete my own doc series, have a falling out with the 'powers that be', get over it - do everything they say. Get it finished. It goes on air. People like it.

Ok fast forward to a workshop (about the second series) I think I'm there because I'm directing and scripting again. 15 people attend - some fly in. Copious scones and tea. Colourful lunch - a big, bright, shiny occasion. We discuss the first series. Exchange opinions and ideas. Write loads of notes. The next day I receive an offer from the prodco - but only for scripting - and for a lot less than the previous series. I ask about directing and re-state my terms of trade. They agree to my terms but say the 'powers that be' want an alternative director.*

I smell a rat. (Funnily enough mum smells a rat too!) Hub says just 'take the money and run'. But I don't think I can. It's not quite like a jobbing job where I just hit the keyboard hour after hour and churn it out. I'd prefer to put my heart in it - after all I was there at the start.

So I ask to know their reason*.

It's not always about being an 'awkward so and so' (writers and directors generally are). Sometimes it's about refusing to be fodder in some unfathomable agenda...

Let's see.


potdoll said...

eek. not liking the souond of this. is this the same prodco you made the doc series with?

your mum sounds well cool.

far away said...

no P (or can I call you Hawkeye for picking that out) That was my prodco..
still a bit stinky

& ta