Friday, January 25, 2008

Lucky strike?

Over at Rouge Wave my attention was caught by Sheldon's Bull's intriguing take on the WGA Writers Strike at this potentially pivotal time for the industry.

Read the complete article in Storylink. Here's an excerpt:

'Take a deep breath and think for a minute. Maybe you don’t need to pen that spec or genuflect to that agent. Maybe what you need to do is bypass them all and just do it yourself.
Do I mean that you should make a short movie or three-minute TV series on your own and then post it on the web for free? Yes. That’s exactly what I mean. Can you think of a more effective way to introduce yourself to the world? If you get ten thousand hits on your video, don’t you suppose that people with money to invest will come looking for you?
The ’07-’08 Writers Strike could be the seminal moment in the collective lives of every screenwriter alive. This could be the beginning of the biggest tectonic shift in the history of entertainment.'

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