Thursday, January 03, 2008


Last year was a mixed bag. Started off well with our company's first children's educational series commission broadcast here weekly from Jan - March (this after a demoralising re-edit in Jo'burg). The feedback was good. Then came a meeting about the re-commission of a storytelling series with another prodco. Things didn't turn out well and I followed my instincts and ended up stepping off.
I turned my attentions away from local production towards international markets and stories that could travel. A couple of new drama outlines received positive feedback. There were other minor writing successes, but mostly I spent my time honing and rewriting.
Later on, I successfully pitched for a large (non-film related) writing project - the contract for which should now be coming through early this year (those distant shores are still beckoning...) A hefty portion of the year was spent writing a brand new spec which I am now touting (can't say too much - but it does have legs). Towards the end of the year, I dragged my heels over other 'slow' projects - either due to the lack of funds or the protracted negotiations. Had a small boost at the end of the year with a promo commission. And that was about it..

I'm not one for making writing resolutions but I do feel very optimistic about 2008. Maybe it's all these fabulous horoscopes I keep reading.



potdoll said...

I think I might start reading some horoscopes. Did you see Jonathan Cainer on Jools Holland? He said 2008 is going to be an amazing year (or something like that).

Far Away said...

Yes Pot they're all saying it - all to do with the movement of Pluto - I think.
Have a look at Susan Miller at

potdoll said...

mmm, juicy! though of course I picked up on the 'career retrograde' starting jan 30. now i'm depressed :(