Saturday, January 12, 2008

that and this and that

Writing is still on hold here until the long summer holiday finally draws to a close at precisely 8 am on Wednesday 16th January - when my daughter and thousands of others start a new school year and I can finally get back to the desk - yippee.

'Write every day' may be the mantra, but an enforced period away from the desk is often just as productive. Time to set ideas sailing and see where they go. Lately I seem to have replaced writing with swimming (with the upshot that I'm now contemplating something set in a pool - ha!) On my writing 'to do' list for 2008 there's:

a fragmented family TV mini-series thing - pivoted round an absent father (have a title but not sure whether I completely like it yet)
a new SA story - for which I have a perfect title and pitch - and which has been percolating gently for several months now, and
WF (a UK/SA thing) which has been in the top drawer for ages but is missing some vital ingredient - probably needs more mulling over
Let's see.

There are also the 2 SA scripting projects from last year still under negotiation but my feeling is that if things are going to happen - then they tend to happen quickly. Hmmm..

Plus there's one (or two) schemes I'm excited about here and there - mainly there ;)


PS: regarding the 'script with legs' - am in less of a quandary and have made up my mind to wait...


Annie Rhiannon said...

I get my best ideas when I'm working out. My mind relaxes, somehow.

Elinor said...

I agree. I often write my best lines just when I'm relaxing to sleep. Whole first act rewrite of a fantasy novel last night! Walking is also good for this.

Helen Smith said...

Glad to hear you're not in so much of a quandary about that script and who should direct.

I tried to leave a long comment about it for you the other day but my wireless connection failed and on reflection, I realised I didn't have anything useful to say apart from something to the effect of try and get what you want but settle for what you can get.

Still, I did a little dance for you in my flip flops that kind of went flip flop splash because it's raining over here.

Wish we were enjoying a long summer holiday, I must say.

Good news about all your projects for 2008.

far away said...

That is sound advice Helen ta!

flip flop splash :(

& elinor - was that thinking it through or writing it too?

Sal said...

Glad to find another person who thinks and swims! I've solved so many plot problems in the pool!

Hope you're enjoying your summer, its tipping down with rain here

Elinor said...

It was thinking it through. But I wrote it down the next day.