Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Script editing for writers, directors and producers

A five-day workshop which focuses on essential areas of scriptwriting with emphasis on script editing has been sponsored by the Department of Arts and Culture.

The workshop will consider how to read a script, ask the right questions, break it down, create a shooting plan and execute it. Narrative dynamics will be discussed including the grammar of filmmaking; visual and creative approach; pace and rhythm; as well as shooting and editing.

A practical element will also be included. The facilitator, Robyn Aronstam, will use scripts and films that she has worked on as script supervisor including “Monsoon Wedding”, “Country of my Skull” and “Rendition”.

Participants are encouraged to bring a scene of their own to the workshop.

Application deadline: Monday, 3 March 2008. Course Dates: 13 March – 19 March 2008

Contact details, motivations and CVs should be sent to:
Connie Mosegedi: mosegedic 'at'

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