Sunday, February 17, 2008


Bits and pieces really this one. February's whizzing by with much happening under the radar and intriguing opportunities opening up here, there and everywhere. Is that vague enough to deflect blog karma?
Lately have been budgeting and re-budgeting. Once in a while, every scriptwriter should perhaps sit down and minutely cost a film (any film - short or feature) - if only to realise how much more gratifying the process of scriptwriting is - ha!

What else? - interesting post over at WC Martell's blog today He suggests that the key to writing successful films that are both political and mainstream - is subversion. I would agree.

Local news for those who may not have spotted it is that the briefs are up - that's the SABC'S latest request for proposals - a hefty document at 126 pages) so if you want to save paper, then probably better just to print out those that are of interest. There are only a few drama briefs.

That's it for now. Laters.


potdoll said...

I think you're quite safe with your vagueness FA!

Elinor said...

Yes, good karma be thine.