Friday, March 21, 2008

SA screenplays wanted

In this week's newsletter - there's a lead from Inktip.

N.B - see update below

We are looking for completed, feature-length scripts that revolve around South Africa stories - not stories based on real events, but true stories, and South African only. Scripts are sought for a slate of three films to be produced back to back in South Africa in 2008/2009.

Budget should not exceed $2 million. WGA and Non-WGA writers may submit, as long as the script is about a true story that takes place in South Africa.

For more information on gaining access to this lead, please see

Update: - this has now gone live on :
True Films (an initiative of Chris Roland's Zen HQ) is seeking polished feature film scripts revolving around true South African stories only. We are not considering books that can be adapted, short stories, concepts or anything else.

For full details of submissions, visit the website by clicking here.

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