Saturday, March 01, 2008

Sithengi - the way forward

The new Board of Directors of Sithengi have announced plans for the relaunch of South Africa's annual International Film and Television Market:

The plan aims for a fresher, more streamlined and cutting edge event - ultimately smaller with fewer components - yet providing for a broader market. Key words are “Business” and “Knowledge Building”.

New market components will include a Co-Production Forum, Conference Sessions, and for the first time, a Knowledge Development Lab. The next edition will also introduce a New Media element - directed at Converging Media.

“There is an upsurge of New Media producers - who all need to discover new business and creative models of production, distribution and exhibition.”

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akua said...

I was lucky to meet to meet a couple of board members in FESPACO and got really excited, but nearly 3 months on the website is still not properly up. whats going on?
Akua Ofosuhene
A Serendipitous Production Ltd
UK. Ghana

Near by said...

there seem to be several inter-linked industry crises right now - mainly related to finance & direction

but I daresay Sithengi (in some form) will emerge from the ashes sooner or later since it was/is a key national, continental and international networking event..