Wednesday, March 19, 2008

non blog

Things going on but can't really post about just yet. Believe it or not - in real life - I'm not the world's most discreet person in regard to writerly goings-on but ho hmmm - deep breath.

Maybe I should go back to talking about my toes which actually have been playing up something rotten. I took to sandpapering them (had two types of sandpaper in the tool box - fine grain and a coarser version) so I started with the fine and then moved on to the rougher one. As a result I now seem to have purply-black blisters all over my toes, cracked toe knuckle-backs and peeling soles. Looks a bit like
this here.

So now I know how that lone googler felt a while back. I've tried witch hazel, arnica, athlete's foot creams, silica and (since dock leaf doesn't seem to grow round here) aloe vera from the front garden.

Now I'm leaving off all medications and going transcendental - rising above the itching through sheer will power. Easy peasy.


Helen Smith said...

Ew. All those adjectives are going to bring some VERY unsavoury characters to yr blog with their late-night googling...

potdoll said...

thanks for that beautiful image FA.

Far Away said...

hee hee Helen

thought you'd appreciate that Pot