Saturday, April 19, 2008


Interesting week - had my half-brother pay a lengthy visit to the blog - which was kind of unnerving - especially since I've not actually met him in real life yet - only on facebook and email. Anyway hello! and glad you dropped by..

Been a bit slack on the blog. I could blame these power cuts (now time-tabled at 2 hours twice a week) but that'd be a lie, since they're fairly easy to work around. While awaiting my treatment feedback (which still hasn't come) thought I'd try and knock out a brand new one. But after 3 days, the story just wasn't happening and clearly needed to ferment some more - so didn't meet that deadline.

What else? After reading this story in the Sunday Times a couple of weeks back, I thought hmm - since I have some bits by the same artist - maybe I should go and get them valued at Christies. Anyhow they were in touch very quickly to say that my 23 year old letter and unsigned A5 pencil sketch on a piece of torn notepad were 'interesting' and could go to auction with a conservative reserve of £2500 - £3000 but may fetch 2 or 3 times that. Not bad huh? I'm tempted.



potdoll said...

wow! woooha what will you DO? Is it a love letter?

Hello half brother!

Far Away said...

Love letter? - Pot you are a silly one! I don't think anyone has ever written me one - well not since I was about 6. That's a bit sad isn't it? I'll go away and cry in a corner now...

You can read it in one of my fb groups - its all about art and junk and stuff -written with the consciousness of someone who knew that they would be world famous artist (ha!)

Christies were quite intrigued because of historical references - the letter mentions some bloke who had lived in the house next door (and died about 50 years previously) who apparently was some well known North London figure too ( or summat) Auctions are a bit of a gamble though..

There was this one time, when the YBAs were still on the cusp of fame - maybe after the Freeze show - when a couple of his friends came and asked me whether he was working class or middle class. (Like I'm the arbiter of class..?). So I said 'working' Then they asked why? So I said because he had bunk beds (him and his younger brother) So they nodded sagely and agreed. Ha!

Elinor said...

Bunk beds! I love it...

I once asked my mother if she thought we were lower middle class because she was a teacher. She replied that certainly not, we were upper working class!


fara said...