Friday, September 26, 2008

open road

Just peeking in to say 'hello pumpkins!' Nothing much to report at all - but that's the whole point of blogging sometimes isn't it? Good.
So notes on notes on notes. The rewrite is proving a real pain and I'm at the stage where I feel like stepping off completely ('No-oo' I hear some cry. 'Do it!' others murmur.)
The main problem: 'moving goal posts'. Yes that old chestnut. I take aim to find everything's now in a different place. Plus the latest strategy is to get me to incorporate elements of previous scripts into this one. Stuff that! No. Way. However I can be very reasonable if it is worth my while. Cough.

Let's see.
Friday now. Holidays here next week. Time for a glass of PG. Cheers! And what are you doing?


potdoll said...

Hello pumkin. I'm in the No-oo camp.

I'm about to tag you.

Far Away said...

OK I hope it's not that song one. I'm crap at these music memes

Far Away said...

The 'no-oo' s win.
Moving from 'impasse' to 'open road'..