Sunday, September 14, 2008


You blog on regardless - but sometimes real life gets in the way - like today - when it all starts to feel like a high octane episode of Jerry Springer - complete with shrieking and hollering and slamming and cowering and even audience participation (neighbours, both sides). Hell.
Well *sigh* that's about all I have to say on the subject of bi-polarity, except that sometimes intervening in the rational life of a loved, elderly family member is nigh impossible but must be faced.

So this wasn't the post I was going to do at all (that one was called 'shift' but I'll save it for now.) I've been pondering the ability to face up to the ugliness in ourselves (and others close by), to confront the stuff we like to sweep under the carpet or veil with pretence.
On the whole, writers seem to have a huge propensity for honesty - though for everyone, there is always a grey or 'no go' area. This illness somehow seems to be 'imaginatively' connected to self-image, but maybe I'm wrong. I'm outside it.

Today's plea: medicate


Elinor said...

Blimey! That all sounds full-on FA.

I've spent YEARS trying to sweep away the urge to veil. So I always confront these days. There will be blood, there will be tears (sadly no cream cakes) but generally better in the long run however exhausting at the time.
If we're talking medication here, I'll have a large glass of Buttercup cough syrup.

Far Away said...

Indeed El - being Aries, I'm prone to volatility anyway :)

The urge to veil hmm..? you know it seeps out anyway...

Elinor said...

I know. Sigh.

Andy Phillips said...