Friday, September 19, 2008


Hello blog! Friday at last and whew what a battle to get these 'arc' pages out. The stuff I hate the most is planning trajectories and plotting character change. But all done now. So on to beating sheets for a couple of days, then straight into the home stretch; a massive re-write.

What a difference a day makes huh? Here's what I blogged yesterday (but didn't post)

I'm keeping my head down and collar up. I'll study the greys and rain on the pavement and think about words. Don't want to see any shaky mountain, any girl skipping, any 50 green birds, any men sleeping on the stoep, any geese flying or yellow letters drawn in chalk. I'm not looking anyway so I won't see them. Grey pavement and rain. That'll do. And words.

Today I woke up wanting to draw again - stick massive pieces of brown paper up on the wall and get out the charcoal. People. I want to draw people. Folk don't argue the toss with a drawing (or worry about character arcs either) They either like it or lump it.

What else. At this time of the year, thoughts turn to 'What next?' Drawing yes. Plus need to get both script re-writes out of the way, by end of October. The jazz book - now needs a kind of 'longing, belonging, un-belonging' text comparing the experience of jazz exiles with that of those who stayed. Hmm

Plus I want to jump on a plane right now and fly away.

What about you?


potdoll said...

ooh are you jumping on a plane to here?

Far Away said...

that's the tie-breaker