Sunday, June 10, 2007


The 82 year old lady next door, popped round to ask if I'd seen a bunch of flowers that she'd signed for at the door but which then disappeared. I said 'no'. She huffed and puffed and then asked if I thought she was mad. I arranged my features into a suitable expression and then said 'no'. I asked if it was her birthday and she said 'no' - the flowers were for a friend in hospital. She then launched into a story about a woman who was stuck in her bath for 3 days and had to drink the bathwater until people came and broke down the front door and found her. Then she started to rail against her son in-law. I kind of knew she was going to get round to this. They argue a lot these days. One of their windows is about 3 yards away from where I type. When they fight it sounds exactly like Egyptian geese.


Anna said...

How do you concentrate in the midst of such high domestic drama?!

far away said...