Tuesday, June 12, 2007

daft ideas

Onwards and upwards. Ok today I thought I'd chat a bit about blogging and writing and self-consciousness and daft ideas all kind of rolled in together. Maybe a train of thought will emerge.

A while back I did something which I hardly ever do - which was talk about one of my scripts on the blog and I even posted part of a statement. It was all to do with the local TV drama news story here. As it turns out that 4 part TV drama series was pulled completely (despite a re-edit) That was after the story had gone wide - even being reported in Variety here. Anyoldhow this blog received a fair number of hits from people googling it. Then my script came 2nd somewhere (I'm fond of slipping that in). Since then I've had a few requests for reads (even though I've now re-worked it for radio.) Maybe this disproves the whole self-conscious karmic blog thingy.

But what I really wanted to talk about today was 'daft ideas'. I'm sure all scriptwriters get them sometimes. At the time, the idea appears to be the most stupendously, magnificent one imaginable.

Once I wrote up a film synopsis about a 'dancing minotaur'. Yes you read that right. (OK so I went to Art College.) I even submitted it and received an ever-so-pleasant letter which must have been typed by someone fighting to keep a straight face. 'While this is certainly an unusual and original premise, we do not feel that in the current climate there is a huge demand for a movie about a dancing minotaur'.

Ha ha.

So that's mine - what's yours?


Lianne said...

I'd like to read the dancing Minotaur synopsis!

Most of my daft ideas are to do with animals. There was a story reported in the paper about a badger called Boris which I was quite taken by, and I'd still love to find a way to do something with it! Some day...

potdoll said...



I must get more creative!

far away said...

Thanks Lianne - very kind! but I doubt if I even have a copy now.

I remember watching that doc about screenwriters in Hollywood ages back - did you see it? It had Kevin Allen & Sasha Gervase in it making that hairdresser comedy. Anyway there was one woman from the UK in it who kept fumbling about with a white fluffy cat key-ring fob as hse pitched her movie about 'a cat that came back to life over and over again.' I thought she was a bit deluded. But it got picked up by Working Title! (and has probably been made into multi-million dollar blockbuster by now for all I know)
So the moral of this story is furry animals are commercial and sell. So Boris the Badger is probably a winner especialy if it makes people cry.

Minotaurs are probably not as loveable.

But Pot - what about those hamsters? aren't they your muses.

potdoll said...




I shall look to them for inspiration and try to come up with something.

far away said...


Pillock said...

I want to see a dancing minotaur movie.

One of my daftest ideas was about a hangman who would only execute sentence if the condemned man consented to it in writing.

far away said...

Arf arf
(that's my dog laughing P)

Yes it's tough putting your stuff out Pillock and getting feedback - but you seem to respond to it well and quickly. But you also have to develop the ability self-edit too which is very difficult and takes years.
I notice - over on your blog folk seem to be concluding - from your various different plans - that you're maybe at some kind of crossroads.. (aren't we all?)
I say keep going - try everything.

As for the minotaur - 2 people that's almost a queue!

I did hunt around for it but its probably on a floppy in some early version of word. Think it was called Bullhead (ha ha!)

BTW Lianne - that Boris newstory is fab - a horror!

Lianne said...

Yes, it had a tragic ending. There's a similar story about a rampaging squirrelon yahoo news today as well. It doesn't end well for the squirrel.

Pillock said...

Thanks FA. I don't think I could quit now if I tried. I'm like Lady Macbeth, too covered in ink to go back now.

Martine said...

I would love to see a film with a dancing minotaur!