Monday, June 25, 2007


Bit of a meandering rabble-babble about anything and nothing this one - seeing as several of my regular readers are on holiday or out of their country. Plus it seems to be raining torrentially absolutely everywhere on the planet. Plus there's not been too much in the way of opportunities to post about for the last couple of months and no information yet on the re-incarnation of Sithengi this year.

So maybe now is a good time for a word on rejection.

Long ago when I was (we were) green, my producer friend and I were touting my first script. One evening she spied a top, top producer in a pub and (unwilling to waste any opportunity) decided to pitch him then and there.

Before she even launched into her opener, he stopped her in her tracks, asked a few telling questions and then guffawed loudly at her response. 'You think you know about rejection? Well I've had thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of rejections.'


potdoll said...

I might be out of my country Far Away but I'm still watching you.

Now hand over them lovely looking biscuits.

Far away said...

they're all yours Pot. None of them pre-licked I promise

potdoll said...

eergh. i've gone off them now :)