Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sir Peter Ustinov Television Scriptwriting Award


Are you under 30 years of age and a non-U.S. citizen residing outside the U.S.?

Can you create a completed half-hour to one-hour English-language television drama script for a family audience?

If so, you may be eligible for a US$2,500 prize and a trip to New York City. The deadline for submissions is July 15, 2007 and the winner will be presented with the Award at the International Emmy® World Television Festival in New York on November 17, 2007. The winning script will be read by actors in front of an audience at the Festival, and the winner will be invited to take part in the red carpet festivities at the 35th International Emmy® Awards on November 19.

Sir Peter Ustinov, the quintessential writer / director / performer, graciously gave his name to the Foundation’s Television Scriptwriting Award. In addition to his acting career, Sir Ustinov was an accomplished writer, as proven by the 23 plays he wrote, two of which were nominated by the Writer’s Guild of America.

The competition is designed to motivate novice writers worldwide and offer them the recognition and encouragement that might lead to a successful career in television scriptwriting.

The Foundation organizes and administers the worldwide exchange and educational programs of The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. It has its own Constitution, Officers and independent Board of Trustees.

Rules and Regulations

I. Eligibility:
· The Applicant must be a non-U.S. citizen or resident not residing in the U.S.
· The Applicant must not have reached his/her 30th birthday as of December 31st of the current year.
· The Applicant must deliver an original completed DRAMA script for television, written in English.
· The script must be a minimum of a half hour and a maximum of one hour in length.
· The script must be intended for a family audience.
· The script should be a stand-alone, not a program that is part of a series.
· All Applicants must provide a completed entry / release form to be eligible.
· Applicants may not have had a script produced on television prior to date of entry.
· Material that has previously been sold or is currently under option may not be submitted.
· Only one entry per scriptwriter will be accepted.
· There is no charge for this competition.

II. How entries will be selected:
· The Judges’ decisions will be based on original story; dramatic situations and scenes; compelling characters and how they are developed; crisp, believable dialogue; and use of the visual medium. The Judges’ decisions will be final.
· The Winner will be presented with the Award in November at the International Emmy® World Television Festival in New York City.
· Applicants will be notified only if they are selected by the Judges as one of TEN (10) Finalists. The Winner will be selected by the Judges from among the Finalists.

III. Entry Submission:
· Deadline for receipt of submissions is July 15, 2007. Entries may be submitted via regular mail or by e-mail, although email is preferred. In either case, in order to have your script considered, please include all of the following:

1. A cover page for the script listing the title of the script, the author’s name, address, telephone number and email, if available.

2. TWO (2) typewritten copies of the script held securely by a binder (if submitted by regular mail), or an attached file containing the script (if submitted by e-mail).

3. A signed original copy of this entry / release form, copies of which may be obtained from the International Academy, from participating organizations or from the Academy’s website at

4. A ONE (1) page resume or biography of the writer attached at the end of the script.

E-mail entries should be sent to: tracy.oliver 'at' iemmys.tv

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