Sunday, April 22, 2007


There are a couple of exciting writing things - simmering away - that I'd like to blog about right now - but can't since I'm a convert to the '3 karmic principles of blogging for writers'*

1) Don't blog in detail about anything for which the outcome is yet undecided
2) Don't blog in detail about anything for which you desire a favourable outcome
3) Be vague about specifics and don't mention names.


* which I just made up


Pillock said...

My rule is:

1. Blog whatever.

far away said...

am tempted..

potdoll said...

what prompted these rules?


Far away said...

youthful optimism

potdoll said...


Facety said...

Don't understand why not? Don't understand these rules, (or many others) The most exciting things sometimes come out of wild abandon? Surely the 4th Blog rule, the most important should always take precedence?

Blog rule number 4.
Don't ever listen to Blog rules.

far away said...

yeah but Facety in this biz it doesn't work like that.
If you blog about things that are about to happen then they tend not to pan out as planned. Better to blog after the event methinks..