Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Deadlines etc

mostly old but something new -

Mnet have resumed their New Directions scheme. They are seeking short dramas of 26 minutes in length and also a 48 minute documentary. Deadline is April 30th.
There are now two schemes - one for submissions from South Africa -
details available here. The other is for ONLY for short drama submissions from Nigeria, Kenya and Zambia and details are available here.

International deadlines
April 30th
BBC's 10th International Radio Playwriting Competition to find the next Pinter, Brecht or Soyinka. Details are available
May 14th
For playwrights,
iceandfire and Amnesty International UK announce the first ‘Protect the Human’ playwriting competition "exploring individual stories of displacement and conflict."
May 15th
This year's All Roads Film Festival have just put out a call specifically for African films. "As the May 15th submissions deadline approaches, we are stepping-up our outreach to filmmakers, distributors and producers." For further information click on the link here:
All Roads Film Festival
31st May
The forthcoming
Africa in Motion film festival in Edinburgh have put out a call for 'emerging African filmmakers' to submit short fiction films or documentaries

Local deadlines
30th April
Mnet New Directions - see above
31st July
Maskew Longman Miller competition for original and unpublished drama manuscripts - information is available

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