Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Who's who

Nicked from Robin Kelly's website is this link to an interview with playwright Lonnie Carter who is not interested in plays about white males. Read it here

"I don’t have any hesitation writing about Black people, working with Black directors, actors. It feels comfortable. If you’re observant, you can write about cultures other than your own. Men can write about women. Blacks can write about Whites. Gays can write about straights, whatever. There should be no restrictions on what writers write."


Anonymous said...

Interesting because "cultural authenticity" is still quite a contentious topic over here.
Not least because of the dichotomy between 're-balancing' of broadcast commissioning remits and the economic reality of TV production ownership.

Anonymous said...

Great, however, it must be realised that as far as we run, we can only ever be coming from that perspective, in that we are not only what we percieve our selves to be but that which is bestowed on us. We each work with that to a greater or lesser degree, and what we create produce from that is the exciting, snotty, smell dynamic thing life.

far away said...