Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Short post as I'm undertaking a major writing re-jig at the moment including a change of title, format & medium (f>r), conflation of 2 sets of characters, back to fronting, front to backing etc etc. Did 23 pages of re-drafting yesterday and now my wrists are swelling up (but then so are my ankles) so think it is probably down to the change in the weather here (getting damp) rather than RSI. Going to try and do the same amount again today.

Have been thinking quite a lot about the why fors of writing and blogging prompted by
Miss cellany. One commenter on her site mentioned something about how, after a while, 'self consciousness' impacts on blogging.

Hmm maybe I'll throw in a bit of code here and there for regulars..
Anyway back to work



potdoll said...

at the risk of putting you off your good work, what does front to backing, back to fronting mean?

sorry about your poor wrists. give them my best.

Far away said...

I'm just talking garbage really Pot - I mean 'lifting' whole sections from one place in the script and putting them in another..

potdoll said...

Oh I see. :)

Why are you making such radical changes?

Sounds very exciting.

Far away said...

this is proof that trying to talk in code on a blog doesn't work!

the clue was 'f>r' also see in post further down here

potdoll said...

Your code might work Far but not on me!

Got you now though. Loud and clear.

How are you going to deal with stuff that was purely visual before?

Far away said...

OK I'm changing that pink writing back now!

Some scenes are entirely visual - so basically they have to go - or be totally re-worked. That's the main thing I've been struggling with..

far away said...

By the way I liked the sound of that play you asked a question about over on Pillock's Q& A with BC recently. Are you writing it?

potdoll said...

Oh really? that's good to hear. yes i want to write it and have done a rough beatsheet but i'm having trouble with how I convey visual stuff... which is why I asked you how you were dealing with it.

don't want to get into that trap of explaining stuff and fear it could slow the story down.

Far away said...

Yes and I'm not into characters 'voicing their thoughts' which is supposed to be a benefit of R.

One of my film characters liked to draw. But now he's going to have to do something completely different!