Tuesday, July 24, 2007

circles and spirals

So on to 'the stories we tell and why we tell them.'

Some people say that we all only really have one story, which we tell over and over again in different forms. Sometimes it’s a circle and sometimes it’s a spiral. *

I read an interview somewhere, ages ago with the Weinstein brothers who spoke about how their Jewish experience informed the stories they wanted to tell ‘We make films about the outsider who comes in and changes things’.

The stories I tell are often about 'the insider who doesn’t fit in and wants to run away.’ A different migrant experience. When I look over vastly different scripts I've written - it is a theme that keeps popping up.

So here's an interesting exercise - try and sum up what you write about in a short phrase or a single sentence...

* sometimes it's simple and sometimes it's a bit more complicated


potdoll said...
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potdoll said...

shit i just realised i didn't sum that up in one sentence... hence the deleted comment.

will think about this once i've had my breakfast.

far away said...

there - tweaked the post

potdoll said...

okay. my stories are often about characters with low self esteem who are forced to face difficult situations which make them feel worth something eventually.


far away said...

zero to hero possibly then?

I've just realised mine is closest to 'fish out of water'

potdoll said...

oh yes. i suppose it could be!