Friday, July 06, 2007

Reasons to be cheerless

Clinical depression and the prospect of a shortened lifespan are some of the joys successful scriptwriters are more likely to face, according to TV psychologist Raj Persaud.

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potdoll said...

i'm a bit confused about his motivation for giving this talk. telling a group of depressed people they will probably die younger doesn't seem very constructive. i thought shrinks were supposed to make people feel better about themselves?

maybe i've misunderstood the article?

Far away said...

maybe he's trying to quosh any illusions newbie writers may have.. ahem

Suppose it added a bit a cachet to their programme at Cheltenham

But looking at a family of Hemingways doesn't seem that widely scoped...

potdoll said...

no that's what i thought. maybe the actual talk was more in depth. (and useful).

wonder what his conclusion was.

i hope he chuckled like a gerbil like he used to on Richard & Judy? i used to love to see him giggling.

Sal said...

aren't you supposed to have clinical depression before you become a writer? I thought we were all meant to be tormented in attics before we could begin to create

far away said...

*giggles like a gerbil*

Hi Sal!

Julia Cameron ( reckons that 'cutting off an ear and living in a garret' aren't that condusive to being creative. Unsurprisingly - stability is better.

The difficulty is dealing with the disproportionate amount of rejections writers receive in this field.

I mean if you're boxer you can bite an ear off or something.

(maybe that's a bit glib)