Sunday, July 01, 2007

July, July, July, July

Party over and done with thank goodness. Though the witless magician pulled off my daughter's wig (fancy dress plait thing) in front of everyone and of course she burst into tears. Tssk

Anyway after a record 22 postings in June I think I'll return to normal frequency. With the flurry of career peaks and troughs lately, I've been getting sucked into mini-dramas all over the place.

So what else?

Is it a Sufi saying or something - about how you can travel the world and learn a million things and come back and have exactly the same understanding as someone who has been shut up in a room the whole time, gazing at a cabbage...

hmm something like that..

Anyway I was thinking about that after reading comments to a recent post over at Stacks. Made me think about writing and (what I think Faith Popcorn termed) 'cocooning.' Should a writer take all his/her cues, sustenance and inspiration from boxed sets, DVDs, TV and existing shows and films? Or rather draw from what people loosely term 'real life' (whatever that is). And anyway does it make any difference to scriptwriting? What type of knowledge is the greatest asset for scriptwriters? - worldly or TV? Is it more important to know different people or to have seen a zillion programmes and be able to reference icons and invoke familiar character types?

Yes yes - probably best to just get on with the writing. But any thoughts?


potdoll said...

i once quoted someone saying something and then when someone read it they said 'that line is nicked from a film.' i was soooo embarrassed.

i often wonder in life if i am being authentic or acting out stuff i've seen on screen.

far away said...

hmm there's a blur


Pillock said...

I once thought up the perfect character name: Ken Brockman. I found out later that it's the name of the Simpsons' news-reader.

I think experience is the most important thing, if you want to keep some life and freshness in your work.

Anna said...

I think maybe both. Keeping abreast of what fellow script writers are doing, selling etc is important. But also, new ideas have to come from somewhere - life as it is lived. So I guess it's a balance.

And, forgive me, but I am tagging you for the 8 things meme (whatever that is) that is doing the rounds of the blogosphere - it finally caught up with me. Alas!

far away said...

Anna I'll take a raincheck now (but will post soon or probvably cheat by adding 3 on to my last one!!!)