Sunday, July 08, 2007


With holiday school cancelled at the last minute, had to try and find exciting pastimes for my daughter. Yesterday went to see Shrek 3. (I never saw 1 or 2 mainly because I wasn't inclined plus my daughter was probably too young to sit through feature films before.) It didn't matter since, despite the fact that the storyline goes a bit AWOL from time to time, I was totally won over. It's a visual feast - combining Maurice Sendak style chunky creatures, Paula Rego-esque surrealism and walking, talking trees straight out of the Wizard of Oz! Told my mum she must go (I mean all that stuff can be wasted on the very young.) Now will have to go and look up 1 and 2.

So although not much writing getting done, have been contemplating writing children's films. Hmmm.


Facety said...

lets hook up before you do and I will try to influence your writing!

Anna said...

Writing for kids - yikes - that's tough. I'm in awe of those with such a talent. More power to you!

far away said...

well just a thought..