Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Today I was wondering what ever happened to that prize that I was supposed to have won a while back. I jaunted around the internet and found myself here. There over on the right hand side there's mention of the 3 winners and even a photo (!) (not of me of course because I didn't go) But someone is holding my plaque! - it has my name on it - I ENLARGED it and saw. Aha proof!
I'm due some euros - but where are they?
And where is my plaque?

Hasty emails have been despatched.
Watch this space...


potdoll said...

you've got good eyesight. i enlarged it too but couldn't read your name!

hope you get your money and your splendid plaque.

Far away said...

actually it was the shape of my name I could see - ha!

yes I'm on a mission to get my plaque and my money

far away said...

Well - just has a phone call from Lagos saying 'Please bear with us'
They are still trying to get the 2nd and 3rd prize funds from the sponsors (!) Hmm...