Wednesday, February 14, 2007 forward. Stop.

Well I've been putting it off and putting it off (broadband being down was a good excuse) but here's the next instalment. Maybe I feel that this one is less about writing and more about 'getting on' with life - in fact I could sum it up in a single sentence:

I went and did all the things I wanted to do, before it was too late.

I packed up living in South East London, ran 5000 miles away across the sea to be in my (new) long-distance South African relationship, had a baby, got married, bought a nice house with a nice garden, renovated, made biscuits and here I am blogging about it.

Oh and I started writing rapidly for money - anything and everything and everywhere and as quickly as possible. My whole new approach was 'this is the only way I can stay at home with a baby and earn money and so I have to do it'.

The rapid writing thing actually started when my daughter was about 6 months old. Sitting in front of a PC is in fact a perfect occupation for a new mother. The baby, tucked into an armpit, quickly adapts to somniferous tapping (if kept regular).

If they paid, I wrote it. Deadlines became challenges. I wrote faster and faster. I tried to beat my own best times. I wrote internet travel video guides for places I'd never been to. In 3 months I wrote 22 half hour long scripts for the Ethiopian National Curriculum - schools TV. I churned them out. I wrote pitch documents for production companies for all kind of programmes and formats. I wrote articles for newspapers - (hub did the photographs) 2 hours to finish a script - or half an hour to get a rewrite in, I'd do it. I lost the ability to be precious.

I got work developing a brilliant drama series set in Namibia and mentoring new writers and flew to Namibia for workshops. Three months later the company dissolved. Then a children's series on African Sky stories was commissioned. I wrote and directed it.....
I wrote new feature scripts and blah and so on and other stuff...

And what happened to that script - the one I completed on 3 months sick leave? My long-standing 'friend-in-scripts' thought it was the best ever. Before I packed up my life to move to South Africa I sent it to Beeb Writersroom. Five months later in sunny Cape Town I opened a lovely letter saying they were recommending me to CBBC - who promptly lost the script and then when I re-sent it were a bit curious as to why I had. Being one of the chosen 10/10,000 per annum doesn't necessarily amount to much. Maybe a name added to a list in someone's office somewhere. Who knows?

Anyway here I am - still writing scripts and living hopefully ever after...

The End
(ha ha)

Happy Valentines day everyone!


Pillock said...


Optimistic_Reader said...

Have really enjoyed reading these installments Far Away. Thanks for posting.

far away said...

hello readership! it was probably good for me too..

wcdixon said...

And now what...?

far away said...

wait and see

Potdoll said...

Hello lovely!

So don't you agree with that notion that a pram in the porch kills creativity (or whatever that saying is) - meaning that children kill your creativity?

love from inarticulate.

Far away said...

Howzit Pot!

"children kill your creativity"

hmmm - not as much as London Underground..

its quite easy to 'kill' your own 'creativity' anyway (without blaming anyone else) by just neglecting it..

Children mould it

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