Saturday, February 10, 2007


So broadband has been down now for a whole week and Telkom have finally admitted that it has nothing to with me tinkering with the router or the pots filter but it is actually their responsibility and there is a serious fault with the LAN. Did you know that South Africa's Telkom has the highest telephone charges in the world? (Well they never get their facts right so why should I) ..

So having been deprived of my number one method of desk-based procrastination - I've had to do other things like cook biscuits and watch TV and even talk to my family. Even found myself watching a repeat of '10 Years Younger' on BBC Prime with my daughter the other night (swiftly changing channels when the scalpels came out - of course)

Her: Why's she doing that?
Me: She wants to look younger
Her: Why?
Me: Because she doesn't want to look old
Her: Oh. Can I go on this programme?
Me: No
Her: Why not?
Me: Because you're 4½ and they would make you minus 5.

Normal blogging service (and the next 'writing life' instalment) will be resumed shortly I hope. Posting takes forever on dial-up and I always seem to notice an infuriating typo or floating colon right after I've posted and have to edit it straight away. Then I notice another..

In other news the UK/SA script rewrite is still on the back burner while they hum and ha over payment for a treatment. A children's TV series which I scripted and directed 2 years ago and which was commissioned for a 2nd series now seems to have moved to the front burner. I thought I had been booted off due to various tĂȘte a tĂȘtes but perhaps not. Sometimes it's best to feign ignorance. Watch this space. Plus had a positively encouraging rejection for a drama outline from the Beeb. Onwards! There's a Monday deadline to meet...


Pillock said...

'That would make you minus five'

Go FA!

Optimistic_Reader said...

I always turn over 10 Years Younger when they start cutting them up as well. I don't see why that's necessary - a good haircut, make-up and dressing differently make a big enough difference without having to be sliced up or injected with botulism! Okay, rant over...looking forward to next installment of the life story!