Saturday, February 24, 2007

on hold

All back on hold with scripting right now. So much for vegetable turrets. Eish - the ups and downs of this business. Not happy with the offer. Not happy at all.
Maybe now is a good time for some business advice for scriptwriters (particularly those based here - where there is not the same emphasis on writers' agents as there is globally)

  • Bide your time, don't cave in
  • Keep every single email from potential employers that contains the vaguest whisper about money, contracts, schedules or work parameters. In the case of forgetful producers or offers 'lower than discussed' this is always useful evidence.
  • Decline a low offer politely but mention the figure required for a 'yes'
  • Know your worth especially -if you've done something before and it is being offered to you again.
  • Remember none of them can do what you do or do it like you do
  • Make it seem easy (especially when you know it isn't)
  • Writing speed is power (especially here where development/re-writing time is virtually non-existent and everything needs to be done by tomorrow)
  • At meetings, befriend the other parties - that way someone will be rooting for you somewhere.
  • Make yourself indispensable (be a walking repository of relevant knowledge)
  • Have lots of other things on the go
  • Keep a blog [allegories ok - slatings no no]
  • Don't worry, something else is just round the corner

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