Friday, February 16, 2007

Fire Pig (was golden pig)

Happy Chinese New Year of the fire pig for those of you who forgot to mark it down in your diary. It is actually being touted as a golden pig year. So I hunted high and low for a decent golden pig and found this odd thing on a website about 'responsible transplantation' (of all things) Did start a train of thought about cell memory (or whatever they call it)

I remember reading about a delusional woman in France who thought she had received Princess Di's still beating heart - or maybe it was another organ - (she'd undergone a transplant soon after that fatal car accident) She developed all of Di's mannerisms as a result. Imagine what having a pig's heart would do.. Anyway

Apparently the fire pig brings potential for things to get out of control. The golden pig year (when it comes, brings abundance and prosperity).

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