Friday, March 09, 2007

24 little hours

Strange day today. Mid morning I'm on my way to the pool to have a swim - but it turns out there's this school swimming gala on and the pool is closed until 2 o' clock so have to go back and wait.

On the way back, there's a small boy carrying a packet of biscuits walking just ahead with a man who is lurching all over the pavement. Then the man crumples up on the ground - blood streaming from his head. The boy sobs. I run over. So do guys from the pool. It turns out the 'man' is actually the boy's mum - very drunk. The 4 year old is the chaperone. The swimming pool guys pull the mum under the shade of a tree, plonk her teary-eyed son next to her and try to sober her up by throwing water all over her.
I'm tempted to take the boy home.

Back home, there's lots of cars parked outside. My neighbour (right side) comes to tell me that the man (opposite) died all of a sudden this morning. Yesterday he was out there gardening with his wife. They have all kinds of plants and mysterious aloes and what have you - he didn't seem ill at all.
Just before Christmas, a pipe burst in our roof and water started coming through the ceiling. At 9 o clock on a Sunday night, when not even the emergency plumber would come, he came across and told us exactly what to do to avoid disaster. Nice bloke - would have been married 50 years next January..

So went back to swim at 2 o clock in a free for all - widthers battling it out against lengthers. Snicker snack.

As you can tell - not much paperwork done today - am starting to think 'what the heck'. Life is too short.

Maybe I'll phone the accountant.



Pillock said...

Your swimming pool works on a grid? I'd like it. I hate the pressure of lane-swimming. You're always to fast or too slow for someone.

Far away said...

not quite a grid - people just swim anywhichway